Chickens ...and more chickens

Rare & Pure breed chickens at Walford Court

The tea room at Walford Court B & B is now closed, leaving our large lovely stream bordered front garden for guests private relaxing space.... but behind the barn in the Motte field something is afoot! 


Our chicken village is developing nicely, with a number of rare and pure breed chickens and breeding pairs and trio's as well as my breakfast egg girls!

As guests to Walford Court B & B - you can choose to keep your involvement with our chickens to merely consuming the Walford Court orange yolked eggs at breakfast, or you can take a stroll through the field gate to the motte field and have a look at the interesting chicken community now housed there!

From our community of rare and pure breed chickens, meet our lavender pekin, lemon cuckoo pekin and grey partridge pekin trios and their babies; Roman & Bella - our owlbeard couple ; Charlie & Charlotte - our bantam leghorn couple; Flirty Bertie our bantam owlbeard cockeral, who loves to come up and say Hello! You'll also see our pair of Ancona ladies - Missy and Cissy, and our little brown pekin family. Our cochin and gold partridge pekin boys are as handsome as can be and do love to be admired, plus you'll find Ixworths, Vorwerks, Light Sussex and good old Speckledy's. 


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